News and Notices

Meter Ordinance

The Board of Trustees adopted a Meter Ordinance for SB 88 compliance with District Water Rights License 13898.

A link to Ordinance 17-01 is provided at the bottom of the page.

Independent Science Review Panel (ISRP) Report

Local water suppliers collaborated with agricultural and watershed organizations to establish the Russian River Independent Science Review Panel to develop a sound scientific basis for future water supply and management decision-making in the Russian River watershed .

You can find the full report at

California Public Records Act, Local Agencies Inventory

In adherence with the latest amendment to the California Public Records Act (SB 272, 2015), the following list of enterprise systems are used by the District:

Application, Manufacturer

Adobe Acrobat 9, Adobe; ArcGIS Explorer, ESRI; Exchange, Microsoft; Microsoft Office, Microsoft; QuickBooks, Intuit; Website, Drupal

In the News

(August 2015) A video about the drought and salmon management produced by NMFS

(April 2015) A story about outflow from Lake Mendocino as a result of a "normal year" D1610 classification

(August 2014) A story about decreased outflow from Lake Mendocino as a result of a joint Temporary Urgency Change Petiton filed by the District and SCWA


(June 2014) A UDJ article about the increase in summer flows from Lake Mendocino.


A nice article from the UDJ regarding drought tolerant landscaping.

An excellent article regarding the need to update the oeprations manuals for USACE reservoirs like Lake Mendocino

A thorough KPIX story regarding controversial releases from Lake Mendocino

A story regarding the on-going study of raising Coyote

An excellent story from KPIX regarding the operation of Lake Mendocino


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