Water Supply

Lake Mendocino: (September 2017)  

After a record-setting year of precipitation, the amount of water remaining in Lake Mendocino is significantly higher than previous years, with over 75,000 acre-feet still in the lake. The state of California and Mendocino County are no longer facing drought conditions. To assist in better management of water storage in Lake Mendocino, the Sonoma County Water Agency filed its 2017 Temporary Use Change Petition and revised minimum instream flows to 125 cfs. The lower flows have helped conserve water in the lake for downstream diverters through the hottest days of the year.

Managing flows at the lower levels can be difficult; releases from the lake for downstream users can take several days to reach where needed. To continue better water supply management policies, improve fish habitat and conserve storage in Lake Mendocino, we ask that RRFC contractors notify the Sonoma County Water Agency of intended diversions. As in previous years, notification can easily be done by using the online tool at the Upper Russian River Mendocino Diversion Forecasts website to report your planned diversions.

In addition, we are continuing to urge all diverters in the Upper Basin to use our water resources wisely and conserve whenever possible.

Additional water supply information is available here http://www.scwa.ca.gov/current-water-supply-levels/.